Frequently Asked Questions

What is a "Zero Waste" pattern? 

A zero waste pattern uses all of the fabric required to make the garment, with none leftover.  In my collection, the Envelope Dress is a true "zero waste" pattern.

What is a "Minimum Waste" or "Low Waste" pattern?

A minimum/low waste pattern uses most of the fabric required, and what is leftover is in a useable rectangular shape for future use. With the exception of the Envelope Dress, all of the patterns in my collection fall into this category.

Why can't they all be Zero Waste?

This simple answer: Size Inclusivity

The constraints of standard fabric widths is a hindrance to designing zero waste patterns without upper size limits. For most truly zero waste patterns, the sizing has an upper limit.  My patterns have none, and I use the minimum waste concept to achieve this. Therefore, they are completely size inclusive. There is no need to wait for a pattern maker to introduce "extended sizing", self-modifying or sadly, leaving an inaccessible pattern behind.

Are your zero/minimum waste patterns good for beginners?

Yes! My patterns are all made using rectangular pattern pieces cut to your exact measurements.  Therefore, no paper printing and taping, size decoding or cutting out of paper patterns is required.  All the seams are straight lines, and there are no closures.  For a true beginner, the Envelope Dress ,Throw Jacket  and free Cinch Belt patterns are great places to start!

Some of your patterns are described as "Confident Beginner" level.  What does that mean?

A confident beginnner has made several garments before, is familiar with and comfortable using diagrams and written instructions and has familiarity with introductory sewing terms. 

Are your patterns easy to "hack" and adjust?

Because of their rectangular shape, reducing or adding seam allowances and adding or reducing ease are easy to do.  The Envelope Dress Variations "Hack Pack" Includes 3 different sleeve options which can be used on any Cris Wood Sews pattern.

What do I get when I order your patterns?

Cris Wood Sews patterns do not use paper pattern pieces because all pattern pieces are rectangular.  What you will receive is an instruction booklet with instructions on how to size your pieces, fabric requirement formulas, sample layouts and instructions on how to construct the garment.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy sewing these unique and unconventional patterns!