Thanks for Saying So

"Your work has helped me get my sewojo back! The combination of the simplicity of the sewing, the customized fit, the fun of the formulas, and the waste reduction has me all jazzed up!”

-Kat, Co-Owner Makehouse Co-op

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Patterns as Unique as You Are

Cris Wood Sews is for sewists who want to replace size charts and paper pattern pieces with size inclusiveness and sustainability.

Let me explain: These garments are made up using only squares and rectangles. In this way, each pattern piece can made to your specific and unique measurements - without paper pattern pieces. The layouts use the least of your precious fabric, And can simply be drawn on directly.

These patterns are excellent for beginners and confident beginners, because they require only straight seams, And use no closures like buttons or zippers.

Take your sewing in a new direction with me, I’m so glad you’re here.


photo credit: @aqueerphotog

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